Leather cutting technology for furniture and automotive

Thagora is a leather cutting system that brings automation and efficiency for leather upholstery and leather car interiors manufacturing.

Advanced leather cutting technology

Thagora automates almost completely the leather cutting process for the furniture, automotive, aerospace and naval industries. It combines the most advanced software system, with Thagora Automatic Multi-Hide Leather Nesting solution and Thagora Leather Scanning Machine to achieve higher leather savings and productivity. ​

Mature and scalable technology

Thagora manages the Off-Line workflow, designed to squeeze performance from each area of the leather cutting process. Thagora is compatible with any type of leather cutting solution: die-cutting presses, new or used CNC leather cutting machines, or manual leather cutting.

Thagora is a mature and scalable technology, deployed in many factories around the globe. The leather cutting system can be smoothly implemented, without disrupting your current production process.



“Here, at Rolf Benz, we believe that our clients deserve only the best products in the world. Our entire leather upholstery production is Made in Germany, so it is crucial that our factory at Nagold is very well-organized. That is why we collaborated with the experts at Thagora to develop the Off-Line workflow for the leather cutting room. They met our specific needs, providing excellent optimization solutions. We are extremely pleased with the fact that we achieved considerable benefits through leather saving, higher output for our cutters, increased efficiency of our workers, error traceability and supplier quality control.”

Rolf Benz AG & Co. KG


“Natuzzi is the Italian lifestyle and best-known brand in the furnishings sector worldwide and one of our goals is to maintain our global trendsetter status. We own one of the largest leather processing factories in Europe, and as such, highly optimized production is extremely important to us. We have enjoyed a close collaboration with the experts at Thagora, who have sought to understand our specific needs, and managed to identify multiple areas that could be improved in the cutting room. We now have significant optimizations in terms of leather consumption, cutters productivity and use of labor.”



“The most important thing about the implementation of Thagora is that we got an Off-Line system far more advanced than the system we had before. The decrease of leather consumption is essential at ROM AG and that is why we needed a solution able to address this matter, while handling the increasing complexity of our model design. This helps to considerably reduce the amount of reusable wastes. It is a great transformation of our factory that puts us in a comfortable position to develop our business in the years to come.”




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