Thagora Die Cutting AR

Thagora Die Cutting AR upgrades the leather die cutting process through software, an advanced leather scanning machine, automatic nesting and augmented reality. You can keep the trusted, rugged and efficient die cutting equipment, while benefiting from the automation brought by the latest leather cutting room technology.

Thagora addresses the challenges of leather car interiors manufacturing

Although leather die cutting is a reliable and productive technology, it has not been improved significantly in the past 30 years. Thagora is committed the address its shortcomings, that become more and more pressing:

  • Low nesting efficiency
  • Dependency on skilled operators
  • Complicated and slow process of calculating nesting efficiency for current jobs


No possibility to forecast the nesting efficiency for the next months

Update your current leather cutting workflow

Thagora enhances the advantages of the leather die cutting workflow by addressing its drawbacks. Thagora automatic, multi-hide leather solution, powered by GPU technology offers a significant higher leather consumption efficiency. Also, video projectors assist your operators to quickly place the nested parts.

Furthermore, the latest technology in software and leather scanning equipment make the whole process more efficient. Thus, you can increase the competitiveness of your leather cutting operations while keeping the reliable die cutting process.

Thagora for the die cutting process can be implemented without disrupting your current production.

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