Thagora Leather Scanning Machine

Thagora Leather Scanning Machine is designed and built with a clear purpose: to extract performance from every single step of the leather scanning process. The equipment is essential for the Off-Line Workflow, with significant benefits for the leather cutting room. Thagora Leather Scanning Machine Mk3 is best suitable for automotive and furniture plants with high production volumes.

Key advantages of the Thagora LS3000AR

  • High productivity (3-6 minutes per hide)
  • Up to 7 quality zones
  • Embedded ranking system
  • Use of “light” pen instead of chalk to mark defects
  • High accuracy and stability of the detection
  • Dedicated for mass production
  • Easy correction of mistakes
  • Good ergonomics
  • Requires only one operator

A cutting-edge leather scanning technology

Thagora Leather Scanning Machine Mk3 uses augmented reality, infrared technology, adaptable lights and advanced software features to achieve a higher productivity, more accurate and faster scanning. The marking is done with a digital pen, that doesn’t leave traces on the hides.

Thagora Leather Scanning Machine Mk3’ adaptable lighting system enables the operator to detect the smallest flaws of the hides. Also, the machine is suitable for fast scanning of pre-marked hides, when the hides require extreme stretching.

Thagora Leather Scanning Machine LS3000AR Mk3 is a proven technology, deployed in multiple automotive and furniture plants across the globe.

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